Dwight Writes


Email sent in response to requests from Republican Party.


I am a Ron Paul Republican. I am against big government (as you say you are). I am against endless war, and intervention throughout the world in the affairs of other sovereign nations. I am against torture. I am against domestic spying, most definitely when it includes spying without oversight by the courts. I am against the central bank. I am against the income tax. I am against the UN, NAFTA, and every other organization or international agreement that results in the diminishment of our sovereignty. I am against government schools at all levels. I am against government interference in the marketplace. I am against the federal government keeping records of any type on citizens of the United States of America. I am firmly against politicians who do not uphold and defend the Constitution.

Until such time that the Republican Party supports these ideas, don't bother coming to me looking for support for the Republican Party. In the meantime, I will continue to directly support Republicans like Ron Paul and Murray Sabrin, who DO support these same values.

Most sincerely,